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  • Online Prachaar Seva: Today is a era of social networking websites, we need volunteers to do prachaar of Pujya Bapuji’s Message on online media using social networking websites like blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube etc. [More]
  • Hindi/English Typing Seva: Need volunteers who are interested to take this seva of digitization of ashram books, videos, audios  & bhajans and putting online on our website. We need sadhaks who can type in Hindi or English. [More]
  • Graphics Seva: Need Volunteers who are good at designing pictures suited for banners, wallpapers, greetings etc. Photoshop/Corel Draw skills can be used in this seva. [More]
  • Flash and macromedia related add-ons: Few of the things we can suggest to sadhaks who are expert in Flash or multi-media related technologies. 1. Trikaal SandhyaRoom 2. Guruji's Virtual Aarti 3. Yogasanas and their various postures 4. Balsanskar - Story telling in animation form 5. Virtual Ashram and Maun mandirs 6. Balsanskar- Language teachings (Alphabets, Numbers etc. ) 7. Various Ashram activities in Flash movie 8. Prachar related clippings ( New CDs, books related) [More]
  • Translation Seva: Volunteers who are well versed in English, can help us in translating hindi content from like Ashram Books, magazines etc to English. [More]
  • Proof Reading Seva : We have typed some content on web, and shall be typing more, volunteers are required to proof read them. And if well versed in English , help us in proof reading translation done from Hindi to English. [More]
  • Website Tools (Apps): Need volunteers who know web languages like .NET, PHP, JS, jquery, html, and have worked on CMS like DNN, Joomla, WordPress  , to help us in maintaining web-content, and resolve technical issues. [More]
  • Webpage template Design : Our website need a new look and new home. We need volunteers who are willing to design customized beautiful template for our website and that can be upload to our new server. [More]
  • Content Provider Seva : Need voluteers who can collect content for a said topic from various sources like Rishi Prasad/ Ashram Books/ Pujya Bapuji's Satsang/ Shri Sureshanandji's Satsang / Shastras etc. [More]
  • Website Testers: Volunteers are required that would make sure that all functionality in websites is working fine, find spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, broken links/links that point to unexpected results, etc. [More]
  • Video Seva : Need to split videos on some topic and upload on youtube. Think of non-sadhaks as your target audience, and search for appropriate videos that would support our cause. [More]
  • Making English Subtitle Videos: Need volunteers who can work with with our video team, for adding subtitles in Pujya Bapuji's Videos. [More]
  • Mobile Ringtones and Mobile wallpapers: Need sadhak experts who can create kirtan ring tones or bhajan ring tones for our cell phones. We also need Bapuji's cell phone wall papers, and need instructions on how to upload on to our cell phones. [More]
  • Assistant Housekeeper for Forums: Need volunteers to help us keep an eye on the forums anywhere on the web. Send us an email if you find inappropriate content orbehavior. Also, let us know if you find exceptionally good content or behavior, if someone is doing really well, or if someone needs a helping hand. Encourage people to blog, if we find exceptionally good writers. [More]
  • Sadhaks Sharing Platform: Anything related to Pujya Bapuji you want to share, can be shared by emailing us. Like Anubhavs, books, wallpapers, photos, mp3s, ideas, anything. We shall try to upload your info or implement ideas if it suits our aim of spreading Bapuji's Message. [More]

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