Subtitle Seva

Subtitle Typing

a) Open Subtitle Sheet
-Select any video clip for typing and add your name in front of clip link in that row.
- Give timeline up to which you complete that project

b) Type on simple notepad (.txt), in the format described below . Listen each word/sentence , pause the video, type it and move forward.
Please see typing format below given clip
One sample file is attached of this video..

c) -When you complete your project,submit it at
- Submission link
As submission complete,one link will generate there.Copy that link and paste in submission column in the row of that clip which you take.

You can bookmark these links in your web-browser, to reach to these links easily.


A) Online Google transliterate software

B) Downlod Google Transliterate for Desktop :
(choose hindi and your system 32 bit or 64bit,then download......After installing press
"alt+shift " for switch language)

Translation for subtitle

For add English subtitle, we translate Hindi txt file into English. Download Hindi txt file from column “I” Translate it in English. Please write English sentence just below Hindi sentence in that txt file. After complete, upload that Hindi+English txt file . For upload,click here One Download link will generate after uploading complete. Paste that download link in Column “K”