Translation Seva

Sevadars who are well versed in english can do translation seva from Hindi to English which are being used in online articles or subtitle videos.


  1. Read the hindi version atleast twice. If unclear, listen to the video/audio link if provided.
  2. Make sure you understand the message clearly before translating it.
  3. Use simple verbs and words which are easy to understand for everyone.
  4. Proof read the text atleast twice on translation.
  5. Use simple tools like spell check. Check for grammatical mistakes as well. MS Word incorporates both , hence we can use it.
  6. We make use of online tools that helps in translation, like Shabdkosh and Google Translate.



  1. Like anything else, read english versions of other sample translations on the website or books to improve upon this skill.
  2. If unclear about some words, do not hesitate to take help of other sevadhars or anyone else around you.
  3. In some cases, it is best to leave the Hindi word in its original form to best convey the meaning. For example, “Vaat” and “Pitta” do not have any exact english
    translations. Their other translations can be misleading in certain occasions.
  4. Use websites like  or for difficult translations. Use your discretion too as some translations from these sites could be misleading.
  5. Also, in difficult cases, look up synonyms of words to help improve upon the meaning conveyed in a statement.
  6. Last but not the least, there are no bonus marks for glorious literary translations. The main purpose is to pass the message of Pujya Bapuji in the best and simplest possible manner.



  1. Shabdkosh –
  2. Google Translate –